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High Tech, Low Cost Remote conference rooms

Our conference kits combine some of the best technology in the industry into one easy to install system. All parts including the bar array, ptz camera, network switch, computer and cables are included. Easy to follow installation steps are included. The kits hides all the equipment behind the TV for a clean, organized look. No wires to plug in or configure! Turn on the TV and you are ready to conference.


Conference Room Kit 101 will fully cover a space of 25′ x 15′ or about 16 people. Irregular or larger rooms can be easily accommodated with additional equipment.

Call for a free consultation and design to meet your specific requirements.

Optimized to sit on any flat surface or to be mounted on any wall,  the Wall Array is a high-quality 4′ microphone and sound bar array that turns any environment into a professional conference room. Equipped with 15 microphones that perform real beam forming plus full-range speakers and subwoofers, Wall Array ensures everybody has a voice.

It automatically tracks who is speaking with the 15 microphones.  The Wall array also provide high fidelity audio to fill the room.  Once installed, the Wall Array is auto tuned to met the acoustics of the room. Multiple Wall Arrays can be added to a room.


This kit includes a 10X optical zoom camera that can be moved in all axis by a hand held remote control.  Using HD 108op resolution, the picture very clear on a large TV.

It is easy to zoom in on one person that is speaking or zoom out to capture the whole group.


This kit provides a dedicated fast PC running Windows 10 Pro and is always on and ready to go. No laptop needed and no need to make messy wired connections.  All the wires and connections are contained on the back board mounting frame.

Simply turn on the TV, click on your remote application (Zoom, Teams, etc) via the wireless keyboard and mouse and you are ready to conference.  We only use Lenovo business class PCs in this kit.

The back board is fastened to the wall behind the TV.  It contains the PC, peer supplies, electrical plugs, network switch and all cables.

There are two backboard options.  The one pictured on the left is used for TVs that are viewed directly from the front.  There is another backboard option that attaches to the back of the TV and holds the camera and wall array.  This option allows you to rotate the TV from side to side.

Do I need to supply the TV?

Yes.  You can use any size of TV from 55″ to 80″.  70”-75″ is the most cost effective size.  You should select a 4K TV for best resolution.  No fancy TV features are needed.

How is this connected to an electrical outlet?

The mounting board contains a 15′ plus which typically connects to a electrical below the TV.  For a truly custom and hidden look, some customers have a electrical outlet installed behind the TV.

Is a wired network connect needed?

Yes a network wire is needed for operation and does not use wireless.  The TV network jack can be plugged into the switch on the mounting board.

How do I know where to plug in the cables?

All connectors and cables are labeled and numbered. Plug 1 into 1, etc.

Why is a TV mount included?

A TV wall mount is included and will hold up to an 80″ TV.  Some TVs are mounted to the wall and do not swing out so you can get behind them. Although they can be used, it is difficult to make all the connections when the Tv is so close to the wall.  The best solution is to use the included TV mount so you can easily swing the TV out from the wall for service.

What are the installation steps?

They are quite simple and clearly documented.

  1. Install the included TV wall mount and the TV to the wall
  2. Install the back board to the wall behind the TV with the included hardware
  3. Plug in the cables per the directions
  4. Plug in the power
  5. Turn on the TV, select the correct HDMI port the PC is connected to
  6. Call Code Vapor Technology Services and they will remote into the PC and complete the installation.

How will I know how to operate the system?

Code Vapor will provide you training on how to use the system.

Conference Room Kit 101

  • Includes all equipment as described above. TV not included.
  • Rectangle room, max size 25′ x 15′
  • $3,299, free shipping

Please call for a quote for larger or irregular shaped rooms.

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