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We are experts in sourcing the right hardware and software for your company.

Not sure you're getting the best deal?

Choosing the best products at the right price can be a time-consuming process. Without experience and the right partnerships it can be hard to find the best deal.

No time to manage software licenses?

The daily pressures of managing a small business can leave little time for anything else, not least keeping on top of software licensing.

Need ready-to-use devices at short notice?

You've just onboarded a new employee and you need a device, fast! Where do you turn to get a serviceable PC set up in as little as a day?

Little time for Vendor Management?

Negotiating the best price, managing contracts, and monitoring service outcomes take time that could be better spent running your business.

Common Procurement Challenges

What are some of the challenges you face when it comes to procurement?

As a small business owner, your time is precious. Let North Indy IT manage your IT procurement so that you can focus on your business.

supporting your operational requirements

A professional approach to your challenges

Armed with an understanding of your budgetary constraints, refresh cycles and position priorities, we can automatically upgrade hardware when issues arise.  With a tech strategist who understands your business your can be assured we’ll always act in your best interests. 

Managed processes

We’ll ensure changes to your business are automatically mirrored in the support and procurement services we provide.  Taken on a new employee? We’ll deliver a pre-tuned device, onboard them into the phone service, assign them a Microsoft 365 account etc.

Valuable Partnerships

Through our partnerships with leading technology vendors and service provides, we can negotiate on your behalf to source the perfect solutions for your business at the most competitive prices.  

Support goals

We can source and install a wide range of hardware for your business, including desktop PCs, wireless devices, networking components, phone systems, fax machines, cutting-edge video conferencing solutions and much more.  Whatever you’re looking to achieve through technology, North Indy IT has you covered.

Efficiently supplied

Includes as part of our Concierge Service, our pre-stock program holds pre-configured PCs on standby for occasions when you might need to upscale at short notice.  The right technology when you need it, delivered where you need it, in as little as a day!

Need help tackling your IT procurement challenges?

We can help with your hardware

Providing excellent products to fit your business model

Procurement 2

"I've hired a new employee and I need to set them up with the right tech quickly."

No problem. We'll ensure our IT support and hardware provision is aligned with your business at all times, ensuring new employees have the tools and resources they need to work effectively and productively from day one.

"I don't have time to manage my IT service contracts."

As part of our Concierge Service, your dedicated technology strategist will coordinate and manage third-party contracts on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your business.

WHY NORTH INDY IT FOR YOUR cyber security?

Excellent Client Feedback

"I obtained three quotes for my project (replacement of an outdated wifi system in our church) and Code Vapor’s quote was one of them. After reviewing the quotes to make sure that I was comparing apples-to-apples I found that the quote from Code Vapor was not only very reasonable but was considerably less than the others. Allan perform the work quickly, professionally and on time. I would recommend Code Vapor to anyone seeking any type of IT services."


Church Treasurer

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