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Comprehensive cyber security defences to protect your data, your people and your livelihood.

Common cyber security Challenges

What Security challenges is your business currently facing?

When it comes to cyber security, the stakes are high and the threat is real and growing.  Nothing can be left to chance.

Concerned about compliance?

Navigating the data protection regulations can be a serious headache, with the likes of GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS carrying heavy penalties for non-compliance.

Worried your data could fall into the wrong hands?

Without the right checks and balances in place, the sensitive information your business holds could find its way into the wrong hands.

Are your employees cyber threat aware?

Estimates suggest that over 90% of cyber breaches originate from end user error. Many of these result from poor employee cyber security awareness.

Unsure how you'd recover from a cyber attack?

Ensuring your have a well-conceived data recovery plan is a vital component of any business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

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A professional approach to your challenges

At North Indy IT, we take an integrated approach to cyber security, with a range of security controls and measures that consider every possible angle of attack.

Threat Detection and Response

We use SentinelOne’s extended detection and response (XDR) platform, a solution widely regarded as class-leading.  Using AI, the platform provides immediate, autonomous threat detection and remediation, covering endpoints, apps, identities and more. Next-generation protection to counter increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Security reviews

Our security reviews are designed to help you evaluate your current security posture with a view to making improvements.  These will subject your entire environment to close examination, covering everything from endpoint devices and servers to security policy and firewalls.  Once complete we’ll provide you with a list of improvement actions that are realistically priced and proportionate to your risk profile.

Data Backup

Hard drive failure, accidental deletion, ransomware, theft and software corruption are just some of the many causes of data loss. Our data backup ensures the vital information your business needs to function is always retrievable, with point-in-time restoration that provides easy recovery of lost or misplaced files. We also offer a full OS-level backup option for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Employee training

With around 90% of data breaches traceable to employee mistakes, minimising risk means instilling a strong cyber security culture in your business.  All of our plans feature a cyber security training element, deliverable both in-person and using online resources.  Together, we’ll make sure your team represent a defensive asset rather than a liability.

Looking for affordable managed security solutions for your business?

We can assist with all of your cyber security

Proactive Cyber Security to fortify your data

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"I know I need to establish data protection policies, but I don't know where to begin."

Using a security review, we'll review your current state of play to determine where your existing information security policies are lacking. We can help you develop a new employee handbook designed to help your staff know where there responsibilities lie in terms of data protection.

"I struggle to keep on top of software updates"

Failing to keep your operating systems and software programmes updated could make them vulnerable to cyber attacks. We can provide automated patch management that monitors for the latest updates and installs them as soon as they become available, thus minimising the risk to your data and systems.

"What happens if my hard disk fails or reaches its capacity?"

A faulty hard drive could result in data loss, and a full hard drive could compromise your ability to store files and may significantly compromise your computer's performance. Fear not, as we can monitor your hard drive to detect signs of failure and notify you when it's nearing its capacity limits. We'll talk you through your options before the situation starts impacting your ability to operate.

"Will you need access to my office to fix issues?"

In the vast majority of instances our remote access capabilities enable us to apply fixes remotely. It's rare that an issue requires a site visit.

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Excellent Client Feedback

"I obtained three quotes for my project (replacement of an outdated wifi system in our church) and Code Vapor’s quote was one of them. After reviewing the quotes to make sure that I was comparing apples-to-apples I found that the quote from Code Vapor was not only very reasonable but was considerably less than the others. Allan perform the work quickly, professionally and on time. I would recommend Code Vapor to anyone seeking any type of IT services."


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