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Utilize the versatility of cloud-based software, data storage, and apps to work from anywhere, at any time.

Common Cloud Challenges

Struggling with outdated tech that's holding your business back?

Outdated legacy technology can be expensive to maintain, unreliable and restrictive.  You need technology that’s fit for the 21st century.  You need the cloud.

Hindered by inflexible tech that's hard to scale?

Solutions that rely on fixed-infrastructure can be difficult to adapt as your business grows.

Is ageing technology starting to let you down?

All technology ages, problems accumulate, and before you know it frequent outages could become a concern.

Is your IT making you unproductive?

The solutions of the past often weren't designed with collaboration and easy data-sharing in mind.

Struggling to manage your remote workers?

Without options for secure remote access to resources, managing a remote team will feel like an uphill battle.

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Tailored cloud solutions to help you reach your productivity potential

Providing on-demand access to resources and software, the cloud provides the tailorable, remote-ready solutions the modern workplace demands.

Microsoft 365

Cloud storage, collaboration tools, workflow management, the familiar ‘Office” apps and so much more, Microsoft 365 offers an indispensable range of tools and services designed for the modern workplace.

Cloud-hosted Phone Systems

Keep in touch on-the-go with a remote-capable VoIP phone system.  Enjoy flexibility, scalability and all the features you would expect of a business phone system, with prices starting at just $20 per month. 

Cloud Data Backup

Ensure 100% recoverability in the event of a crisis with a cloud data backup solution. Providing affordable, flexible storage, the ability to access data anywhere and encryption for added protection, the cloud provides a convenient and secure way to implement data backup.

Microsoft Azure

One of the world’s leading cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure provides on-demand access to a vast range of resources and services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking.  Build cost-efficient, scalable cloud deployments that boost your team’s productivity. 

Need help navigating the world of Cloud Computing?

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Proactive Cloud Technology to secure your future

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"Is the cloud secure?"

Yes. Cloud service providers commit vast sums of money to the security of their platforms and services, with Microsoft spending over $1 billion annually. Cloud data centres typically feature security protections that would be cost-prohibitive to apply to an on-premise network.

"I want zero-maintenance computing."

Most cloud solutions are effectively maintenance-free, as the cloud service provider maintains the underlying software and hardware. The only exceptions are private cloud deployments where your business maintains control of the infrastructure.

"How can I prevent unauthorized access to my data?"

Features like multi-factor authentication provide a fail-safe way to verify the identities of those accessing your data.

"I want an office phone system without the capital outlay."

Cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems provide the features and capabilities of a traditional PBX system, without the associated hardware acquisition and installation costs. Priced on a rolling subscription basis, and accessible through the devices you already own, hosted VoIP provides a low-cost, mobile alternative to conventional systems.

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"I obtained three quotes for my project (replacement of an outdated wifi system in our church) and Code Vapor’s quote was one of them. After reviewing the quotes to make sure that I was comparing apples-to-apples I found that the quote from Code Vapor was not only very reasonable but was considerably less than the others. Allan perform the work quickly, professionally and on time. I would recommend Code Vapor to anyone seeking any type of IT services."


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