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The Customer called North Indy looking for help to resolve their urgent email spamming attack. Several people in management we getting over a 1,000 spam emails per day!  Their current IT vendor was unable to stop the attack through Microsoft 365.  Within one day North Indy was able to diagnose the problem and install an advanced Barracuda filter into their existing network. The email attacked was thwarted and business went back to normal.  Over a period of several months the customer became interested in North Indy’s concierge service and signed a contract.  Upon a closer inspection of the network and processes it was clear North Indy could make a significant difference, at an attractive price.


  • Since multiple technology vendors were involved in the business, management was involved in coordinating multiple service calls to all the varied vendors. This was not a cost effective solution.
  • Management was purchasing PCs directly from Best Buy and having the IT vendor set them up. This was time consuming and a myriad of nonstandard PCs were being purchased at varied prices.
  • When new staff were added there was not a consistent way to insure all tools were ready for the new employee to start.
  • The current IT vendor was not as responsive as the customer would liked.


Upon doing a site evaluation North Indy (CV) implemented the following changes and services:

  1. Installed a Barracuda email filter which North Indy manages.
  2. Cleaned up the Microsoft Office 365 user list and consolidated licenses.
  3. Selected a standard laptop within the targeted budget range.  CV pre-purchases all the equipment necessary for a new employee (or for repair purposes) and can have a new user fully configured within a one day notice if necessary.
  4. CV now ships and supports new equipment to their remote offices across the country.
  5. Created a PC replacement program to refresh the PCs on a regular cycle.
  6. Placed standard software on all new devices that is fully configured and ready to use, day one.  All new software accounts are created, logged in and tested.
  7. Manages all soft-phones on the devices.
  8. Installed cloud based software that applies virus, malware and O/S patching.
  9. Installed an online ticket system and users direct phone access to assigned Technology Strategist.
  10. Converted company from Zoom to Microsoft Teams.

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