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Providing proactive IT Support in the greater Indianapolis area.

We are a team of experienced IT professionals with 20+ years of experience, delivering focus, high-impact IT services to select customers in the greater Indianapolis area.


What IT challenges is your business currently facing?

In our digital world, IT can be the key that unlock’s a business’s potential and powers it towards it growth ambitions.  Sadly, many organisations struggle with persistent technology issues that stand in the way of their goals.

Hampered by downtime?

Is recurring IT downtime damaging your productivity and eating into your bottom line? A lack of proactive support could be to blame.

Need an IT provider who speaks the language of business?​

Does your provide bombard you with technical jargon and fail to explain the commercial benefits of the support and solutions they provide?

Looking for a tech mentor?​

Even the most IT-proficient business struggles to adapt to new solutions now and then. Has your provider left you feeling abandoned following a major change?

Suffering from slow and unresponsive IT support?​

When downtime strikes, you need a fix, fast! Sluggish support can leave staff disheartened, customers frustrated and profit margins damaged.


Excellent Client Feedback

"Allan’s customer service is fantastic and we consider him a trusted partner of our business when it comes to the following: Outfitting new and used PCs for our office staff throughout the country, phone system support/integration, Microsoft configuration and support, network security, and systems hardware configuration. Allan’s follow-through has proven to be impeccable, he reacts to our needs without delay, and he makes proactive suggestions that have proven to be beneficial to our business. For these reasons, we recommend Allan and North Indy IT regarding all applicable IT service needs for your business."



Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?


The North Indy IT Approach

"I can't afford to have my systems crash."

Using remote network monitoring, we'll actively survey the health of your systems and proactively apply the updates and fixes necessary to maintain the integrity and reliability of your IT.

"I'm tired of overpaying for slow, basic support."

With North Indy IT, you'll enjoy cost-competitive, responsive IT support that's tailored to the needs of your small business. Unlike many IT providers, we don't use anonymous, third-party help desks. Instead, you'll enjoy a dedicated technology strategist, providing a single point of contact for every concern and query.

"I'm concerned about IT Security."

Regardless of the size of your business, or its field of operation, a robust cyber security strategy is vital. North Indy IT can equip your business with the tools, policies, training and support you need to keep the bad actors at bay.

"We need IT Guidance."

If your IT isn't aligned and working in harmony with your business processes you'll struggle to achieve peak productivity. Our customer-focused strategic guidance will take your business problems as a starting point and work backwards to find best-fit, cost-optimal solutions.


Excellent Client Feedback

"I obtained three quotes for my project (replacement of an outdated wifi system in our church) and North Indy’s quote was one of them. After reviewing the quotes to make sure that I was comparing apples-to-apples I found that the quote from North Indy was not only very reasonable but was considerably less than the others. Allan perform the work quickly, professionally and on time. I would recommend North Indy to anyone seeking any type of IT services."


Church Treasurer


Our Managed Services

At North Indy IT, we believe that small businesses deserve the level of IT management and support that large corporations take for granted.  We offer a full suite of managed IT services fine-tuned to the needs of small businesses.   

IT Support

Our IT support offering combines proactivity and professionalism with that all important personal touch.  Offering a dedicated point of contact, remote monitoring/maintenance, rapid in-house post-incident support and much more, our concierge service makes full-service IT management attainable for small businesses.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security protection plans combine the key security measures all small businesses need.  From AI-powered endpoint threat detection to managed backup and auto patching, you’ll benefit from the best security solutions expertly deployed by our technicians.  We also offer cyber security training to prevent your employees becoming your biggest vulnerability.


In recent years, the cloud has revolutionised the way we work, offering unprecedented flexibility, scalability and the ability to work from any location.  Whether you’re looking to adopt Microsoft 365, migrate to a flexible VoIP phone system or develop a custom cloud solution, North Indy IT can pilot your project from inception to completion. 


Leveraging our longstanding partnerships with leading hardware vendors, we provide the best, SMB-friendly solutions at the most competitive prices.  We also provide product lifecycle management through our pre-stock program, to ensure your employees always have access to robust, serviceable devices they can rely on.  

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